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Get American Netflix On Any Device

How To Set Up American Netflix On Your Device

What's on American Netflix?

About 2 years ago I was looking for the exact same thing you are right now.

How to get American Netflix

I was fed up with the limited selection of TV shows and movies available in the UK. So I set out to see if it was possible to get American Netflix in the UK. It turned out, it was possible and it was actually totally legal.

This is Totally Legal

Once I figured out how to get American Netflix. I browsed their movie selection and realised that our friends over seas had an awesome selection. They had more seasons available for TV shows and they had more of the latest movies compared to me in the UK. After some research I found that they have over 7,000 more titles than than I was getting.

"Hey, that's not fair"

I didn't think this was fair, considering I'm paying pretty much the same price for my subscription and I'm sure you feel the same. No matter what country your in right now. I will be teaching you how to get American Netflix plus I will be showing you how to get access to every single Flix movie & TV show on the planet. Buy unblocking over 19 different countries. You will be able to switch between regions meaning if a great movie only gets released in France, you will be able to change your region to France and watch your favourite movie.

You Will Get Access To Content From The Following Countries

USA, Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, and the UK just to name a few!

Giving You Unlimited Access To Any Geo Restricted Content

This doesn't just include Netflix. You will also be able to watch Hulu which has a huge library of TV shows ready to stream. You can sign up to watch the English Premier League which is not available in the UK unless you unblock it. NHL, NBA, NFL Game Pass, HBO, ABC, FOX, FX and the list goes on.

You've Waited Long Enough!

There are 3 simple steps we need to take and this will take around 5 minutes of your time to set up.

  • 1

    Create An Unblock Us Account

    Head on over to Unblock Us and create your free account using your email address. Click the link below to open in a new tab or enter manually by opening a new tab and in the search bar type

Go To OverPlay
  • 2

    Change Your DNS Settings

    Now we need to change the DNS settings on your device. This is different for every device so the best way to find the correct instructions if by clicking "How To Setup" on the Unblock Us homepage. Choose your device and follow the video or written instructions.

  • 3

    Change Your Netflix Region

    Now you have successfully created your account and changed your DNS settings you are free to watch any version, including American Netflix. Close down Flix completely. On the Unblock Us home page you will notice it says "Netflix Region Picker". Click the drop down box, choose the country you would like to access. Click update. Now head on over to and you will notice the movie titles have been updated to the version you have chosen.

You Now Have Access To American Netflix Plus 19 Other Countries

So, whenever you wish to change your regions, simple go to the Unblock Us website, change your Netflix region to the country of your choice. Click update and reopen Flix. You will notice your streaming library has update.

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